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Amazon Prime Video – Preacher

MCM London Comic Con Activation

The Brief

WTB were tasked with creating an experiential space at London Comic Con for Amazon Prime to showcase their brand new series Preacher, starring Dominic Cooper.

The Solution

We decided what better way to promote a TV series about demonic and holy entities running amok in dusty West Texas, than to recreate the iconic church from the show as an interactive, fully-immersive experience for Comic Con attendees to enjoy?

Inside the church were genuine church pews, along with an altar, destroyed bibles and vials of blood to reflect the tone of the show. At the end of the church was a plasma screen which showed the first 15 minutes of the pilot throughout the day.

In order to keep the visitors queuing outside entertained, we arranged for a ‘Confession Photo Booth’ to be installed and manned by actors dressed as Jessie Custer AKA The Preacher, who then enticed people into having branded photos taken while they waited.