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iPhone gives access to drawing, Maps and YouTube with Gboard

For all Gboard fans out there, the iPhone’s brand new update now allows you to access both Maps and YouTube: perfect for sharing your location and videos in any messaging app. Simply tap the G button to access both YouTube and Maps. Also, if you prefer to hand write your messages or wish to send a drawing, you can use the new Ink feature, which you can access by tapping on the emoji button followed by the pen icon.
The iPod Nano is soon to be discontinued

After 12 years of the ipod Nano (it was launched in 2005), it is to be discontinued by Apple, leaving the iPod touch as the last iPod device. This is potentially due to the iPod Nano no longer running iOS apps or connecting to the internet, leading them to fall behind other Apple products such as the iPhone, which constantly receives updates.

Facebook Stories enables public sharing of videos and pictures

In a bid against Snapchat, the ‘Facebook Stories’ feature, which launched in March, has updated its settings to allow users to share updates publicly. This will be particularly beneficial for influencers and public figures as it will allow them to quickly and easily gain more followers. In addition, celebrities will be able to give their fans behind-the-scenes previews and general updates, using the same format as Snapchat, therefore increasing their engagement and making their Facebook pages more personal.

Google are going to debut a built-in ad blocker for Chrome

A built-in ad blocker is set to be the new addition to Google Chrome’s web navigation software, enabling users to block advert heavy sites. This update will be available by next year, which users will be able to find by clicking on the settings menu in Chrome, in a subsection called ‘Ads’ of the ‘Site settings’ menu. It will also be available through Google Play, where you will be able to download it directly from the ‘Site settings’ tab.

iPhone 8 design and facial recognition is revealed

Following on from Touch ID for the iPhone, facial recognition is shortly going to be launched, enabling users to unlock their phone by simply holding it in front of their face, even in the dark! Furthermore, it is rumored that the iPhone 8 will have a taller screen that completely fills out the front of the device, apart from the speaker, camera and sensors at the top. If Apple follows their usual time scale, the iPhone 8 should be launched by September.

Written by Way To Blue
July 31, 2017