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Snapchat introduces a Pikachu filter

Snapchat has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to create a new Snapchat filter, which they hope will prove popular amongst Pokémon fans. Furthermore, users will be able to use a Pikachu filter to take pictures with. You just simply hold your finger over your face and wait for the different filters to appear below; Pikachu is now the first one that comes up.

Facebook collaborates with Watch to showcase TV shows online

Amidst the constant competition against rival social media sites, Facebook is collaborating with Watch to launch short, premium shows, which will be in a dedicated section of the site. Users will be able to easily and quickly access shows through scrolling down a list, with the latest ones at the top. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, hopes this will become popular after noticing a ‘megatrend’ in video recently.

Google updates its Cloud Speech API to support more languages

Google’s Cloud Speech API, which has allowed developers to transcribe spoken words into text since its launch in 2016 is being hugely updated. One of the biggest updates is support for 30 new languages on top of the existing 89 available currently. Languages include Bengali, Latvian and Swahili, which according to Google cover approximately a billion speakers.

Uber now allows you to give tips to drivers via the app

Uber is launching a new feature to the UK app for rides or via UberEATS, which allows users to tip the driver at the end of their journey, if they so wish. This follows the same launch in the US back in June. This is not the only change; starting on August 22, passengers in the UK will have to pay 20p per minute if they keep their driver waiting for more than 2 minutes. Another change is regarding the cancellation fee, which at the moment is set to a 5 minute maximum before customers are charged, however Uber want to lower this to 2 minutes, as they argue drivers are losing too much time and money on petrol costs. The last change will be a ‘No thanks’ button, which will enable drivers to decline trips quickly and easily should they wish to.

Asos launches an image search function for its app

Asos has now introduced image search functionality for its iOS fashion app, which will enable shoppers to simply take or copy a photograph of any clothing or accessory they want so the app can search the site for the closest matches. Asos is hoping that this will help users search more quickly and easily for what they want, however they do admit that users might be disappointed when they don’t get an exact match; the new feature will serve more as a suggestion service.

Written by Way To Blue
August 14, 2017