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Instagram updates its web page to include ‘Stories’

Instagram Stories are coming to the web! The popular feature, currently only available for the mobile app, is used by over 250 million users per day, and allows you to take pictures and videos as well as boomerangs to appear on your story. The stories are shown at the top right of your mobile’s screen, next to the stories of the people you are following, and you can include filters like the ones on Snapchat, such as stickers, multi-coloured text and emojis. The layout for this feature on Instagram’s website will be exactly the same as the mobile app, and is going to be added sometime over the next few months.

Google adds a ‘Trends’ feature to their Search app

Just like Twitter and Facebook’s ‘Trends’ feature, Google’s search app on iOS now has a way of searching for the latest trends in your area based on what people have typed in to the search bar. You simply click on the ‘What’s New’ text on the App Store to find an instant list of trends below the search bar. In addition, automatic results will appear below the search bar whilst you type, much like Google Search. This update was tested out last year with Android, which did not prove popular, however Google have now updated it so you can choose to opt-out via the Google Search app.

iPhone 8 introduces ‘Weather Atlas’, a new weather app

Weather Atlas, created by David Barnard, is a new app for the iPhone 8, which aims to become first in the competition against other popular weather apps such as ‘The Weather Channel’ and ‘Weather Underground’. The app focuses on modern, realistic visuals, such as a world map which you can zoom in and out of to find specific areas. Furthermore, the app shows you the forecast which pops up in a box when you click on an area of the map, showing current temperatures, humidity, and precipitation accumulation. You can also scroll along to see the predicted forecast for the next ten days in hourly intervals. In addition, you are given weather warnings such as any thunderstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes that might be on the way. You can also choose your preferred weather icons and app icon. Weather Atlas is currently only available in the US, which you can download for free via the App Store. It is ad-supported, however you can remove the adds by paying a $4.99 annual subscription, or $0.49 per month.

Windows 10 updates are coming out this October

The Windows 10 ‘Fall Creators Update’, due to come out on October 17th, includes new updates such as a timeline that lets you view old apps, websites and files, allowing you easy and instant access. Another update includes ‘OneDrive Files on Demand’, which allows you to save anything you wish on to the cloud, saving space on your desktop. Files will also be available on File Explorer. A new app called ‘Story Remix’ is also coming to Windows 10, which allows you to add music and special effects to your pictures and videos. Also included in the update is a front facing camera for PCs, enabling you to take pictures and store them instantly on to your computer. In addition, there is going to be a Windows Mixed Reality headset and motion controllers, giving you access to 2D and 3D virtual worlds.

Dash and Dash Pro Wireless Earbuds are being updated

Coming out in October this year, Amazon Alexa’s virtual assistant will be the new addition to Bragi’s Dash and Dash Pro Wireless Earbuds, which already works with Siri and Google Assistant. Using the earbud’s built-in microphone and Alexa Skills, you will be able to directly command the earbuds using your voice to do whatever you wish, whether it is to order an Uber, stream music from Amazon or add reminders on to your phone. To be able to use this new feature, you will need to update the Bragi app. Currently, Alexa will only work with US and UK English as well as German language support.

Written by Way To Blue
September 4, 2017