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Apple is going to launch two new iPhone models 

Apple will be announcing two new iPhone models this week. A standard version will come out first, with a more sophisticated and expensive one following at a later date. According to The Wall Street Journal, these models were supposed to be released a month ago, however a problem with the manufacturing process caused a delay. Furthermore, manufacturers were unable to install a fingerprint scanner in to the new models, as this proved too difficult due to using OLED screens.

Fitbit announces partnership with Dexcom to tackle diabetes

In a bid to tackle diabetes, Fitbit and Dexcom have partnered up to include glucose monitoring on the Ionic Smartwatch. In 2018, the Fitbit Iconic will show users data from a Dexcom G5 sensor. This development stems from the results of Fitbits’ recent customer research, where they found that people who use the Smartwatch often focus on its fitness rather than health benefits.

Facebook is trying to help people connect more

Similar to the recent ‘Discover People’ feature back in February, Facebook is now going to allow you to dig deeper in to the lives of the mutual friends people you are already connected to have. Furthermore, instead of simply giving you a list of your mutual friends, you will be able to click on an option that gives you access to more in depth information. This could include events you have both attended, pages you’ve liked and places you’ve both worked, amongst other information. This feature will also be available for your current Facebook friends, giving you the chance to reconnect with people you may not have spoken to in a while. Facebook also wants to add a Tinder-like function to Messenger. Moreover, users will be able to let others know that they are interested in talking them, and if the other user is too, both parties will be able to connect via Messenger.

Uber will offer eco-friendly cars by 2019

Uber aims to only offer electric or hybrid uberX cars by 2019, and they plan to do this through incentivizing drivers to change vehicles. This change is in response of London’s impending new transport rules; the government wants all private car services to have zero emissions by 2020. One of the incentives Uber will give drivers is to only allow them to work in London if they change cars. Uber will help fund this by giving every employee up to £5,000 each ($6,604 US). To further help drivers make the change, there will be an extra £0.35 ($0.45 US) charge for customers per journey in London.

Facebook’s Canvas ads are coming to Instagram Stories

The popular marketing tool, Canvas ads is already being used for organic page posts on Facebook as well as for its ad-buying tool, however it is currently being tested in the hopes that it can be integrated with Instagram Stories. The ads will include full-screen and in-line videos as well as photo carousels and panoramic photos that users will be able to move around at their leisure. The ads will also contain text and links to products. Facebook hopes that Canvas ads will gain more popularity and exposure if it is successfully integrated into Instagram Stories.

Written by Way To Blue
September 11, 2017