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Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 to fix iPhone 8 bugs

After complaints of hearing crackling noises during calls from some iPhone 8 users, Apple has just released iOS 11.0.2 to fix a number of bugs. To access the update, go to ‘settings’ on your iPhone, click on ‘general’, and then ‘software update’. To download the update from your computer, simply plug your phone in to your device and open iTunes.

Instagram adds polls to Stories

Following the success of Polly’s ‘polling’ feature on Snapchat, Instagram has decided to add it to stories. Polling on stories allows you to add a question with two answers below it, which friends can tap on to vote for the answer they want. The answers are automatically set to either yes or no, however you can change these to whatever you want. What’s more, you can view how many votes you get for each answer as well as what each of your friends voted for, which will appear in a drop down feed below the numbers. Another feature coming to Instagram stories is a colour dropper that lets you use colours from your pictures by clicking on the colour you want. You can then add text and stickers in your chosen colour.

Samsung announces new VR headset ‘Odyssey’

At Microsoft’s mixed reality event last week, Samsung revealed their latest headset ‘Odyssey’. The headset will run on the Windows 10 platform, and is the first Samsung headset to be powered via PC. ‘Odyssey’ has an AMOLED display screen, which will give users a high quality, responsive experience. Additionally, it has a wider resolution of 1440×1600 per eye setup, and an integrated graphics option. It also has integrated AKG headphones, where users will be able to hear a 360-degree spatial sound. ‘Odyssey’ is currently priced at $499.

Google reveals new products at the ‘Google Hardware Event’

At Google’s hardware event last week in San Francisco, the company unveiled a range of new products and updates. Among them was the ‘Google Pixelbook’, a ‘four in one’ convertible device that you can use as a laptop or tablet. You can also flip the keyboard over to use as a stand or a base. In addition, its ‘instant tethering’ feature allows the device to spot Wifi and automatically switch to tethering on your phone. To go with the ‘Pixelbook’, Google have developed the ‘pixelbook pen’, a highly sensitive stylus, which Google has worked with Wacom to create. Both products will begin shipping out on October 31st. Also for the Pixelbook are Google’s new wireless ‘pixel buds’, which can translate more than 40 languages and come with a charging case that allows you to play music for up to 24 hours. The buds will ship out in November.

Snapchat launches augmented reality art

Snapchat have been working with pop artist Jeff Koons and other artists to launch a unique new art platform. Furthermore, users are now able to see art pieces in augmented reality, which will appear on their Snapchat camera screen in various locations worldwide. When users are close to Snapchat ART, a Lens will appear that they can click on to reveal directions for the ART. Jeff Koons’ giant balloon animal sculptures will be the main feature of Snapchat ART. However, Snapchat is open to working with any artist who wishes to showcase their artwork through this new feature. Moreover, artists will be able to fill in a simple sign-up form where they can share their portolio of work.

Written by Way To Blue
October 9, 2017