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Facebook Stories for everyone

Facebook Stories will soon be available to all

Up till now, stories were only available to a select few, however over the next few months, Stories will become available to all Facebook users. The change has come from Facebook noticing the popularity of Stories on Instagram. Facebook product manager Amy Sun has revealed that the company aims to make stories for Facebook easy and fun for users. Facebook Stories will follow the same format as Instagram, and users will be able to view stories from pages they have liked or followed.

The Toonstar app comes out of testing

Due to popular demand, the Toonstar app has just come out of beta testing to become an official app. It allows users to customize cartoon characters and animate them using their own facial expressions. Users can also live stream their cartoons on Toonstar live as well as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and What’s more, viewers can interact with live streams by adding their own animations in to them. The app also allows users to ‘Toon’ themselves, meaning they can turn themselves in to a cartoon character or even a whole group of them. Creators of the app have also partnered with Skybound Entertainment to turn some of their comics in to ‘Toonstar shows’.

‘Food ordering’ is added to the Facebook app

Facebook’s ‘order food’ feature for pages has now been added to the Facebook app. To access this new feature, go to the ‘Explore’ menu in the app, where you can browse all restaurants that Facebook have partnered with. Once you have chosen a restaurant, click on ‘start your order’, where you can choose either take-out or delivery. You can also read reviews from your Facebook friends to help you make your choice. This new update is now available in the US for Android, iOS and desktop users.

Snapchat launches ‘context cards’

Last week, Snapchat introduced their latest feature, ‘context cards’. Furthermore, Snap has partnered with companies such as Trip advisor, OpenTable and Four Square to add information to geotagged photos and images in stories. Users simply swipe up when they see the word ‘more’ on snaps to access this. Included in the cards is the location of a place, its address, phone number, opening hours and a link to the website. Underneath this information, users can read reviews from Snap’s partners, as well as reserve tables at restaurants and book cabs to venues using Lyft and Uber. To make this new feature more interactive, some context cards will even include public stories.

Twitter is introducing a new bookmark option for tweets

Twitter users currently have to like, retweet or DM themselves posts in order to save them. However, Twitter will soon have a ‘save for later’ bookmarks option, so users can easily access old tweets and stories to share with friends, respond to tweets later and so on. Twitter’s product manager Jesar Shah has already tweeted a demo of what the update may look like. Shah’s tweet shows you the prototype for this possible new update; to save a tweet, simply click on the ‘add to bookmarks’ option on the bottom right. A date for this update has yet to be announced.

Written by Way To Blue
October 16, 2017