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HYPE – The new live streaming app from the creators of Vine



Last week Twitter announced it will be shutting down Vine, the 6-second video app launched 3 years ago by Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov and Dom Hofmann. While this stunned the digital world, creators Kroll and Yusupov wasted no time this week by announcing ‘Hype’, their new live-streaming mobile app that places it in direct competition with Facebook Live and (Twitter-owned) Periscope.

Hype is a cross between, Snapchat and Periscope. It combines the youthful aesthetics of with Snapchat’s personalization and the instantly familiar interface of Periscope.

What makes Hype different is that it’s built around the same core principles that started Vine – bringing tools into the hands of creators. While Periscope and Facebook Live both offer users a simple and direct way to broadcast and connect to audiences, they do not allow broadcasters to personalize the experience. You hit ‘broadcast’ and the experience feels the same no matter what service you’re on. With Hype you can personalize and tailor every broadcast to feel unique and different from the last.

Within Hype a broadcaster can pin comments/questions directly onto the screen (perfect for Q&As), pull video directly from their camera roll to play within a live broadcast (reveal exclusive content), and import photos into a broadcast as background images (branded opportunities) – features that aren’t available on either Periscope or Facebook Live.

While it’s impossible to predict Hype’s success this early after launch, it’s fair to say that the road ahead will have challenges. It’s a product that was built out of necessity by the lack of innovation from Periscope or Facebook. Even if Hype doesn’t last forever it is bound to influence future innovations that will only make live mobile broadcast a better experience for everyone.


Written by Way To Blue
November 3, 2016