Case study

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The Brief

Universal asked us for a special activity to present LUCY to the main online and offline press. The event had to be very creative to attain as much coverage as possible.

The Solution

  • We carried out a special event in which we invited online and offline journalists toapre-screening of the film in a popular cinema in the centre of Madrid. After that, we took them to the official medical college in Madrid when we had arranged an special session with a famous mentalist: Jorge Astyaro
  • Some journalists were hypnotized to demonstrate the plot of the film and the power of our minds.

The Results

  • All invited press found the action very attractive and original. They could not believe that they were actually hypnotized!
  • A video and several photos were done and syndicated to all media after that
  • The most important national TV channel (RTVE) gave 5 minutes on the news of this event!
  • Apart from TV, amazing online and offline coverage on print and websites occurred.