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Meet the Team: Simon Dodd Wild

Get to know the people behind the great work at Way To Blue! Up first, our Analyst Simon Dodd Wild who works on the Insights team in our London office (he also has a 4-month old puppy, so we’re all really jealous of his life these days).


Tell us a bit about your career journey that brought you to Way To Blue:
Mine is short and simple: I was hired as an intern immediately after I finished my university degree. Since then, I have grown into junior analyst and analyst roles, learning more and taking on more responsibility every day.

What has been your proudest moment at Way To Blue?
Receiving excellent feedback from an important client for a two-week long report that I mostly managed independently.

The best piece of career advice you’ve been given?
Keep adapting and evolving, on a personal and a group level. If you’re not moving forwards, then you’re not going anywhere.

What do you think the next few months hold for the industry?
The industry has been shifting in several ways, cinema has become more of an event than it used to be; expensive tickets mixed with consumers having smaller pockets means many only go to the cinema when there’s something unmissable to see. Fewer consumers go to the cinema to see mid-range movies, they’ll just wait for it to come online in a couple of months. This pressure makes studio executives more wavering with their decisions, dropping marketing spend faster when a film looks like less of a success, and spending more to make their fresh new film to stand out in the crowd. We will see more work in these evolving areas such as Netflix and Amazon, while maintaining a strong bond with the movies that do make themselves onto the big screen.


Describe your role in 3 words…
Interpretive, Inventive, Systematic

Tell us about your typical weekday morning routine
Get woken up by my 4-month old puppy wanting a cuddle. Get washed, dressed, and walk to the train station. Have home-soaked porridge and a green tea to start the day once I get to the office before running through the plan for the day with my colleagues and make a start.

What’s a typical day for you?
Planning out reports; what has to be done, how are we going to do it, who’s going to do what, and when has it got to be delivered. Reacting to new client and internal requests for work throughout the day. Responding and re-evaluating our work schedule accordingly. Making sure everyone (in London and LA) has everything they need and everything is sent off that needs to be before heading home.

What time do you normally head off, and how do you spend your evenings and weekends?
I aim to head off at 6pm. Sometimes dependent on workload I leave later, but as we plan thoroughly this rarely happens. Outside of work, I like to spend time with my girlfriend, puppy and friends, go to the cinema, slog through new shows on Netflix, write scripts, and produce creative videos such as short films and wedding videos alongside my girlfriend’s wedding photography business.

If you weren’t working in Insights, you would probably be…
In some kind of production role for a creative company of some kind; TV, film, online.


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Written by Way To Blue
February 17, 2017