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Meet the Team: Valentina Calabrese

Next in our Meet the Team series, we’re off to Rome to hear from Valentina, our Senior Account Executive in Italy!

Tell us a bit about your career journey that brought to you Way To Blue.

I’ve always been passionate about cinema and communication that’s why I chose to move to Rome when I was 20. My first work in this field was as a film critic for several specialized outlets, attending the most important festivals and every film I could see. I realized immediately that the part that intrigued me most was the promotion, the relationships that there were behind all the premieres, festivals and events. From that moment I went straight on my way working firstly as a guest officer for a Film Festival in Italy “Pesaro Film Festival” and then as a press officer and social media manager in other Festivals. I’ve joined Way To Blue as an intern. They believed in me then and still do now as we’ve worked together for 3 years.


What has been your proudest moment at WTB/TPF?

There have been so many moments here in WTB I’m proud of, and each time it’s always a bigger project, more interesting and more exciting. If I have to mention one, it would be the last campaign I worked on: La La Land. I gave it my all and we received compliments from clients, journalists and competitors :)


The best piece of career advice you’ve been given?

Never give up and never stop learning!


What do you think the next few months hold for the industry?

I believe It’s about digital PR projects that involve influencers and artists who can stimulate new and positive conversation about the brand or film.


Describe your role in 3 words…

Listen, Speak, Propose


Tell us about your typical weekday morning routine

I wake up at the last minute and try to get ready in record time while my cat looks at me shocked. I get in the car and try not to get bothered by the hysteria of traffic in Rome ;)


What’s a typical day for you?

There are no typical days with my work, and I consider this to be my luck. I work on numerous projects, from different angles; from creative ideas to analysing data, talking to clients, journalists, influencers and managers. “Chat” is the key word!


What time do you normally head off, and what do you like to do in your spare time? What’s a typical evening?

It depends on the season. Usually in the winter I like to go home and watch late night TV series, films and documentaries while relaxing with my cat and boyfriend. In spring instead, I begin to wake up from lethargy, and then I love going out with friends trying all the restaurants and cool places in Rome. I also love heading out to interesting concerts and theatre performances.


If you weren’t working in PR / Social / Creative / (delete as appropriate!), you would probably be…

A food critic. Yes I love food, I’m Italian of course :)

Written by Way To Blue
May 5, 2017