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Meet WTB: Alena Ethem

In our latest installment of Meet Way To Blue, we talk to Alena Ethem – our Account Manager based in Amsterdam!

Could you tell us a bit about your career journey that brought you to WTB?

I have worked in media for several years and did relationship management and contract management for another company before this. I had my own radio shows and wrote for several websites – so I was actually on the other side before. It was through my work at those companies that I got into contact with Way To Blue. I was so impressed with them and they were always so nice, that we always stayed in contact. When I saw they had a vacancy, I sent in my letter and the next morning they were on the phone!


What has been your proudest moment at WTB?

That’s difficult, because with all the cool projects I get to work on there are a lot. I think one of my proudest moments was organizing an interview with a Dutch glossy with a Dutch Hollywood actress. It was very difficult to get through to her LA office, but I persevered and it was a great piece. But to be honest, I feel so proud every time I see an article that I’ve worked on being published on the homepage of a website.


The best piece of career advice you’ve been given?

“It’s PR, not ER” – it’s the motto of one of my colleagues that I even got printed on a little tile! It reminds me that even at the busiest and most chaotic of times, almost anything can be solved with a deep breath and a positive attitude. Sounds cliché, but it’s really true! Perspective is everything.


What do you think the next few months hold for the industry?

I think it’s still all going to be about the influencers. They are everything at the moment and offer so much opportunity for amazing partnerships. Also, videos are still huge and so is Snapchat and all the opportunity that platform has to offer.


Describe your role at WTB in 3 words.

Best. Thing. Ever. Okay, in all seriousness: Management, creative, media.


Who would play you in the movie of your life?

I would love Mariah Carey to make a comeback to the big screen. I feel she could really bring the Technicolor and Glitter of my world to life.


Written by Way To Blue
September 2, 2016