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Meet WTB: Kavya Rajagopalan


Could you tell us a bit about your career journey that brought you to WTB?

It was during my degree in Biological Sciences (!) that I started writing for an online Indian entertainment publication, and as a result started using social media more regularly. I ended up really loving the digital world and knew that I wanted to work in the industry in some capacity. I finished up my degree and interned at a few publications before joining a full-service digital agency doing outreach and audience analysis. Although it was a really insightful and interesting role, I really wanted to do something that allowed me to work with social directly, and be a little more creative. That’s when I saw a role in the social team at Way To Blue and made the jump across!


What has been your proudest moment at WTB?

There have been a few, including seeing my copywriting used on top-performing assets and working on some of the biggest films of 2015. I’ve also seen and managed some incredibly successful influencer campaigns which resulted in some amazing content, positive reactions for fans and ultimately, some very happy clients!


The best piece of career advice you’ve been given?

“Yes, you can hope that other people think you’re good at your job. But sometimes you’ve got to have the confidence to say it yourself…”

It took me a long time – too long, in fact – to implement this, but since I have it’s made such a difference to my attitude and my work. It’s definitely not about going around telling people that I’m good (that’s a bit weird), but about telling myself I’m good in order to reduce the amount of time I spend worrying and second-guessing myself!


What do you think 2016 holds for the industry?

Video. And – immersive content. We’re already seeing this with things like Facebook Canvas and 360 videos/photos, and I’m sure it’ll continue for a while. Could Instagram be the next platform to add 360 content?!


Describe your role at WTB in 3 words.

Challenging “social” norms.


Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Deepika Padukone… talk about dreaming big!

Written by Way To Blue
June 28, 2016