Case study

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A unique and stand out campaign that built hype via creatively tactical social initiatives

The Brief

Ensure that the social campaign builds buzz and positivity towards the title, introducing Lou Bloom to audiences and positioning the character as an iconic antihero.

The Solution

A holistic social media strategy was employed, using multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and What’s App.Facebook acted as the social hub of the campaign to ensure that the title reached a broad audience via social cards, TV news real assets, countdown assets and UCG. A Lou Bloom character profile was additionally created on Twitter, which hosted exclusive content in addition to reacting to events in real time and engaging in conversation with users. Lou Bloom’s LinkedIn profile was removed by the platform, prompted a frustrated rant by Lou on his Twitter account which users enthusiastically engaged with.

The Results

Facebook – 4m total reach with 203k engaged users
Twitter – 6.2m estimated impressions with 2.4m post impressions
Linkedin – over 160 connections before the profile was removed
What’s App – over 200 engagements


Shorty Awards Finalist for Best in Film