Case study

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Making sure that The French Ski Slopes are the only destination for snow seekers.

The Brief

Atout France wanted to make sure that when people were thinking about skiing and snowboard they thought about France.

The Solution

After gathering a number of Way To Blue’s skiiers and snowboarders, we asked ourselves “what’s the first thing people do when arriving on the mountains” (after buying a hot chocolate)… they take a picture.

We then researched how many people were currently taking pictures and uploading them to Instagram and the number ran into the 100s of 1000s. From this insight, The French Piste Project was born – a website that pulled in, in real time, anyone uploading pictures to Instgram hashtagging French ski resorts turning skiiers into real-tiume evangelists for the French mountains.

The result is a living, breathing, visually stunning love-letter to French Mountains and all that goes with it.

The Results

‘The definitive photo album of the French Alps’ – The Telegraph

“A real-time postcard from the French Pistes” – I-escape

“Glorious” – Stanford Skiing

“Brilliant Idea” – Eureka Skiing

“Great blending of Instagram and geotagging” – Skipedia

“Loving the newly launched Piste Project” – Destinations Ed of Lonely Planet Guide

“Wow” – French Entree

“How cool is this?” – Intersport

“Forget weather updates, The French Piste Project is here” – Mountain VIP