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The Importance of Social Media and Film Events

Hidden among all the glitz and glamour of a red carpet event is someone with an iPhone and portable battery trying to capture images to share instantly on their social channels. But for the studio providing an AAA pass, the social media team might just be capturing the most important content on the night.

It’s often a question of whether a studio needs a live social media presence at an event, or whether they can simply share the press shots afterwards across their channels. But if you want to put the fans first and create really engaging content, providing access and allowing the social media team to share live on the night without prior approval on copy means your channels will benefit greatly. You’ll have exclusive images and videos, unprecedented shots of the event, and will be able to engage live with fans, all boosting the engagement and reach of the content, creating huge hype around the release of the film and the event itself.

Let’s take the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey, a hugely anticipated film and massive event that fans were eager to see content around as soon as they could. Universal Pictures UK teased out the day of the event on Instagram, showed fans and press gathering to wait for the talent to arrive, and then revealed up close and personal shots of the cast in the film. The coverage on this event grew their fan base hugely on Instagram, and has now made the Universal Instagram account the most popular Instagram account across any UK film studio.

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Junkets are also incredibly important to consider social media requests. A perfect example of prioritising time for the social media team during the junket would be the campaign for PRIDE. A Twitter Q&A was included as part of Andrew Scott’s time, and during the 45 minute slot they had for the Q&A, the hashtag #AskAndrew trended in the UK, and the tweets received the most engagement across the whole campaign. As Andrew Scott doesn’t have a Twitter account, fans were given direct access to speak to their favourite cast member for the first time, asking questions about the film and Andrew himself. Pathé also included some time for Andrew to film ‘shout-out’ videos that were shared across the channels as alternative content to count down cards, and were provided to Sherlock fan groups to raise awareness of the film to an alternative audience with fun, personalised content.

FireShot Capture 9 - Pride Movie on Tw_ - https___twitter.com_PrideMovieUK_status_506449872447619073

Another fantastic example of utilising social media to boost coverage of a film during a junket was Straight Outta Compton’s live, filmed Twitter Q&A, hosted by NME. Inviting a specialist audience via social media one week before the event, NME and Twitter hosted a live Q&A with talent from the film, with high profile attendees including Ice Cube. Before the event, fans were asked to submit questions using #AskCompton. The hosts selected a series of questions to ask, and using Twitter’s Snappy TV tool, the social media team were able to tweet out short, filmed answers using video directly to those that had submitted a question via the hashtag. This meant the videos gave those at home a real-time exclusive feel to the Q&A with video content (the most engaged content across social media platforms), and encouraged those in the audience to submit questions via Twitter to build awareness of Straight Outta Compton’s release.

FireShot Capture 10 - NME on Twitter_ _From_ @J_ - https___twitter.com_NME_status_634357245384372224

As you can see, encouraging your social media team to submit talent requests via publicity allows teams to work in an integrated way, supporting each other’s activities and grow the social awareness of the film even more so than standard junket slots or community manage. It may seem scary to fill a 45 minute slot of a junket for social, or to allow a team an AAA pass to a red carpet event, but you’ll find the content received is priceless, exciting and even PR-able, creating a well-rounded, successful marketing campaign.

Written by Kelly Alyse
September 29, 2015