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Valentine’s Day 2017: Supermarket Buzz

While the likes of M&S and Waitrose are often associated closely to Valentine’s Day and a meal for two, it’s actually budget stores that are most talked about this year.

Valentine’s Day related discussion is down for Waitrose compared to the same period last year (-47%) and also Marks and Spencer (-26%), the same for many of the other big Supermarket chains including Asda (-81%), Morrison’s (-46%) and Tesco (-10%). With a saturated market for Valentine’s meal deals and cheap roses, there was little to talk about, except for Poundland whose tongue in cheek promotion of a meal for two for only £7 actually created the biggest discussion this year in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

While we don’t expect many to head out and have meatballs on a bed of pot noodles for their romantic meal, it’s clear that there was little imagination in the offering from the big stores this year allowing a gimmick from Poundland and a competition to win a tenner from Aldi to dominate Valentine’s related discussion.



Written by Way To Blue
February 14, 2017