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Your Guide to the Way To Blue Media Apprenticeship scheme: By Holly Hewlett

When I came to Way To Blue in August last year, the Media Apprenticeship scheme was essentially an idea that had been mooted among the board members; still very much in the early planning stages.  I arrived as an intern, expecting to only be here for a month before starting a Masters course in September. In fact, the whole reason I moved to London was to continue studying; my internship at Way To Blue was simply a chance to dip my toe into one area of the film industry. As you’ve guessed, that’s not quite how things turned out. After about a week, I was desperate to stay on in any way that I could, and luckily Way To Blue were keen to keep me on as well. So, after a couple of months, what had previously only existed on the company’s To Do list became a reality and I am now Way To Blue’s graduate scheme guinea pig.

The scheme lasts one year, during which time two apprentices will spend three months in each of Way To Blue’s four teams: UK PR, Social Media, International and Insight. This will allow us to take on a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the company. My experience of the scheme has involved helping out at film premieres, contributing ideas to campaign proposals, creating international social media calendars, writing and pitching out features, analysing and evaluating online conversations… and I’m only half way through the year. This is such a fantastic opportunity for a recent (and somewhat inexperienced) graduate, because it means you come away with a unique understanding of how the company operates as a whole, as well as a more in-depth knowledge of how each team contributes to a campaign. Over the course of the year the apprentices will be able to work out where their strengths lie and what truly gets them out of bed in the morning, so that by the end of the scheme it should be clear exactly where they fit within the Way To Blue family. And Way To Blue really does feel like a family; I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true – and the happy, friendly and supportive environment here is one of the key reasons I was so keen to stay.

If you are reading this because you are thinking of applying for a place on the scheme, I hope the above has made you even more excited about the opportunity. If you’re concerned though that three months is too short a time to experience each team properly, you needn’t be. Line managers and colleagues are all there to help the apprentices settle into their roles, and this industry is so busy and exciting that help will always be needed somewhere. Ultimately though, it’s down to you: Media Apprentices get out what they put in. If they are enthusiastic and quick to learn; if they ask questions and put their ideas forward; if they see this as their year to find their feet and make a name for themselves in a fantastic company then, I promise, this Media Apprenticeship scheme will be everything they want – and need – it to be.