The Wellbeing Network asked Way To Blue to develop a compelling iOS and Android mobile app to support their mission to improve health and deliver an incentive for the user to purchase supporting health products from their shop. The app would revolve around delivering a short, sharp exercise programme designed to create a new you in 7 minutes for 7 days for 7 weeks. Based on the successful Seven Minute work-out, it included personalised images, a calendar to track workouts, integration of the users own music from their own device along with reminders to help them stay on track and meet their personal goals.

The 777 App combined the high intensity effort of a long run and a visit to the gym in 12 exercises that you only needed a chair, a wall and 7 minutes to complete! The combination of jumping jacks, wall sits, push ups, crunches, step ups, squats, tricep dips, planking, running and lunging worked all the muscle groups across your body, while the short sharp sprint-style nature of the exercises meant you received the same benefit in minutes as you would in hours of low intensity exercise.


The app was launched in February 2015 to first class reviews with users commenting on the great features.


“The calendar feature will be a good motivator and always nice to see that real rewards are offered for sticking to goals. A lot better than competitor apps I’ve tried.”

“Just found this app and I love it already! Great to be able to set goals without entering pages and pages of personal info and stats. This will help me start getting fit!”