Amorino: World’s first lickable florist

Amorino tasked Way To Blue with putting growing gelato chain Amorino on the map as a stylish, premium retailer in London.

Aiming to establish that Amorino’s quality ice cream is the type of product that you will want to photograph and share with friends and followers, we decided to take the brand’s signature floral petal cone displays and create the world’s first lickable florists on the King’s Road. This would also mark the start of the Chelsea Flower Show to capture both London’s and the UK’s hearts and attention.


Complete with a step-by-step guide to making lickable gelato flowers yourself, this picture-led story effectively introduced the brand to the media, including bloggers and influencers.

The Evening Standard, Metro, Stylist, Female First, About Time and in just over a week has allowed us to set up 15 new tastings and reviews, feature opps including Sunday Times, Time Out and three different brides magazines, a Vegan targeted outreach and off we go from a standing start and zero awareness


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Time Out


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