Domino’s: Going the extra mile

Drive conversations around Domino’s going the extra mile for customers through speedy reactive press office and maximising seasonal hooks.

When pizza fans Kieran and Natasha Morris got in touch to ask for pizza boxes for their wedding reception – we did them one better and worked with portrait artist Nathan Wyburn to recreate their faces in pizza toppings and delivered them to their wedding – and the ‘Pizza Selfie’ was born.


When comedian Chris Ramsey tweeted to ask @DominosUK if he could get pizza delivered to his train, #pizzaonatrain started trending worldwide as a driver raced against the clock to deliver to his carriage in a 30 second window at Doncaster.


Domino’s persuaded the nation that it had created the first driverless pizza delivery vehicle – the DomiNoDriver – as an April Fools’ prank – with realistic digital images and vine videos to ‘prove’ it.

Pizza Selfies generated over 55 pieces of coverage – and more worldwide including Perez Hilton’s blog – with 336 million OTS. The couple were recognised on their honeymoon by a US couple #Pizzaonatrain generated 53 million OTS in national and regional coverage including Metro and Mirror Online DomiNoDriver generated 54 pieces of online coverage in one day – reaching 901 million in OTS including key national and consumer onlines such as Buzzfeed and Mashable.

Pizza Selfies

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OTS in national and regional coverage 


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