Expedia Influencer Campaign

Way To Blue was asked to develop a European wide influencer campaign to drive awareness for Expedia’s “Add-on Advantage” program. The Add-On Advantage offered customers a new way to bundle and save, giving flexibility and allowing people to personalise their trips to their own taste, therefore making for a more convenient holiday experience. Our job was to drive visibility and talkability for potential discounts ranging from 25% – 40% on bookings for hotels, flights and car hire.


We started securing influencers from, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, with a significant and relevant presence in their respective markets across social networks including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to reach the target audience for Expedia within the leisure, travel and family categories. Using 5 relevant influencers within each market, we wanted to demonstrate just how flexible the booking process with Expedia is. As each influencer had an established presence in their market, we wanted to ensure that the experience was as authentic and relevant to their audience as possible.

These influencers were then sent on trips across different countries across Europe & North Africa in order to showcase the journey from the point of placing the booking via Expedia, right through to getting on flight back home. The beginning to end experience allowed us to authentically demonstrate the overall experience with booking with Expedia and demonstrate just how easy and flexible the process really was.


As a result, we secure 90 pieces of coverage from influencers across Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Youtube and blog posts, with an average engagement rate of 12.44% and over 2.3 million impressions across the board, as well as over 255k total engagements across all influencer content.


Pieces of content published across all 16 influencers

8% +