Hamleys + YO! Sushi: The 12 kids of Christmas

To cut through the Christmas publicity noise, we were tasked with generating coverage in national media for two well-known brands Hamleys and YO! Sushi who would work in partnership to make a great story that would target parents about fussy children.


We decided to put together a campaign using social experiments, stunts, interviews and Top 10s trends commentary to reveal The 12 Kids of Christmas and what children are really like when it comes to food and toy choices, despite their parents best guesses, aimed at parenting and family-focused feature writers, giving both brands the all important exposure with children and families as an important part of their customer base.

For one evening, we closed the iconic Hamleys store on Regent Street and invited The Guardian to watch what happened when 12 children were left in the store to choose just one toy. We then invited a Daily Telegraph feature writer to observe children let loose on the famous YO! Sushi conveyor belt.


When interviewing parents separately about their allegedly fussy eater offspring, we discovered they explored, experimented and ate their way through virtually anything and everything when left to their own devices without parents present.


A media friendly child psychologist was also on hand to comment.


These campaigns delivered:

  • The lead feature in The Guardian’s Christmas Gift Guide – a highly competitive and enviable slot
  • A two-page feature in The Daily Telegraph, with added authority and gravitas by the child psychologist and client spokesperson, plus parents and children who were interviewed as part of the campaign experiment
Lead Feature

The Guardian’s Christmas gift guide

Two-Page Feature

The Daily Telegraph