Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, HCF, was concerned insurance claims and preventable health problems have been spiralling out of control. In order to reduce preventable health risks and the cost on society, HCF tasked Way To Blue with developing a change behaviour digital solution to provide their wider community with the tools to achieve a healthy lifestyle.


Way To Blue built a suite of three custom ‘lifestyle apps’ for Android and iOS to address prevalent health issues within society. These focused on fitness, happiness and quitting smoking. Our strategy was to work with experienced health practitioners (Doctors, Psychotherapists and fitness trainers) to create a series of apps which support, inform and guide users on their journey towards successfully achieving their lifestyle goals.

The Get Fitter, Be Happier and Quit Smoking apps encourage people to take control of their personal well-being and lifestyle.


As a result of being a not-for-profit, there was no paid media used in the promotion of the app and it was pushed to current customers only.

All sign ups were a result of earned PR. HCF advised that the apps have been considered absolutely critical and instrumental in working with their clientele to create healthier and happier lives to date with a total of over 12,000  current active users are participating in the programs. Current unique users per app sit at an impressive download level as follows: Get Fitter: 6,224, Be Happier: 4,878, Quit Smoking: 1,307.


Current active users