IMAX: Beauty and the Beast

To celebrate the release of Beauty and the Beast in IMAX, we created a custom “tweet to unlock” microsite focussed on the iconic rose from the film.


Users were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #FallForIMAX, with each use of the hashtag driving the rose one step closer to losing a petal.

A petal was programmed to fall every time a particular Tweet threshold was reached, and posters of the trigger tweet would win 1 of 15 exclusive prizes (ranging from a year’s worth of IMAX tickets to a limited edition, high-value Beauty and the Beast tea set.)

This simple but effective mechanic generated nearly 20,000 tweets, 2 million impressions and c.50k site visits in 72 hours.


Tweets in 72 hours


Impressions in 72 hours


Site visits in 72 hours