Launching Travel With A Goat

Way To Blue worked on a multi-faceted campaign to launch a new TV show by global content creator, Insight TV. The TV show, Travel with a Goat, challenged foodie personalities to spend four days travelling with an animal destined for the slaughterhouse, through either South America, Africa, Asia or Europe before making the decision to save or slaughter it, aimed to raise a debate around mass meat consumption in a changing world of increasing veganism, vegetarianism and climate change.

Way To Blue embraced stunt, direct to consumer activity, PR and social outreach and a paid media campaign. To kick-off the campaign, we developed a consumer omnibus survey in the UK, Germany and Netherlands to discover people’s attitudes towards meat production and consumption. We also asked for their reactions to the trailer and whether it would impact their desire to eat meat.


Way To Blue then handpicked a diverse panel of influencers, including vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and farmers, and captured their reactions to the show as part of a ‘Gogglebox’ style screening to secure a broad collection of views.

Ahead of launch date we ‘released’ life-sized model goats and giant 6m inflatable goats in London, Berlin and Amsterdam to visit famous landmarks and surprise morning commuters. This was accompanied by a fleet of branded taxis in Germany and London and cargo bikes in Amsterdam to act as eye-catching mobile adverts for the show.


Understanding the power of influencer appeal, Way To Blue also organised a series of media interviews with the show’s talent, including Sophie Faldo and Selasi Gbormittah from Great British Bake Off.


The show’s launch was further supported with a paid for media campaign across Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

As a result, we secured 113 pieces of coverage, including pieces on the Mail Online, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, Evening Standard, Metro, BBC Radio Bristol, The Guardian, Welt, Kino, LindaNieuws. We also saw a 7.5% engagement rate on the influencer content to support the Gogglebox activation and over 20.4m impressions as a result of the paid media campaign.


Pieces of coverage




Engagement rate on influencer content


Impressions on paid media campaign


Posts on social


of Britons think intensive factory farming is ‘morally wrong’


of Germans stated they would stop or reduce their consumption of meat after watching the trailer

1 in 4

Dutch people stated they would stop or reduce their consumption of meat after watching the trailer