My Quit Buddy

The Australian Federal Government asked Way To Blue to develop a cessation app that would challenge people’s behaviour in a different way to help them stop smoking during its ‘Quit Now!’ campaign.


We developed an iPhone, Android and Windows Phone application. The app is designed to be a ‘buddy’ to help people on their journey to be smoke-free. Using high levels of gamification, the app provides a personalised experience, access to an (anonymous) community and the ability to share your smoke- free progress. The app is top rated at 5-Stars, has been downloaded over half a million times and has received rave reviews.

The My Quit Buddy app has been phenomenally successful since its launch in May 2012, with smokers from all generations using it to quit smoking. Its value as a health programme has been recognised through the community’s reviews on iTunes and Google Play, and by the industry through numerous awards around the world.


“14 days today and feeling very proud of myself. It’s taken 24 years to feel how good life can be without smokes. No going back now.”

“Day 32. I made the decision to never ever smoke again no matter how hard it gets. It’s been tough but I know I have to do it. I’ve been smoking for 20 years so I still feel lost and dazed and emotional, but also feel proud. I’ve tried to many times, but this time i’ve done it. Trust me, if I can do it, you can too.”


Circa 1 million downloads