Stan Lee’s Lucky Man


Establish the online presence of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man season 2 on Sky 1 and support the launch of the show.


After scanning the social media landscape, the video strategy included: looping animatics, short-form videos, teaser-trailers, countdowns, longer pieces aka featurettes and live recorded events, ensuring high-production values. Thanks to their experience on set, the team added to the existing bank of content with exclusive footage, and generated valuable behind the scenes content to be curated and posted at a strategic time in the campaign.


We added to the bank of content a ‘Day In The Life’ featurette, a  video that reflected the high-energy on set, exclusive to the other content collected.


Finally during transmission, time was dedicated to strengthen the strategy with constant conversations and exclusive snippets shared live with the audience.

  • Built a strong relationship with the cast leading to exclusive content
  • Created a bespoke space for early-hour fans
Organic Fans