WaterWipes: Pure Love

The now infamous Pure Love film was created to show mums that they are all their baby needs and that their bodies alone do amazing things for their baby from birth.


We were tasked with broadening the story beyond the film. The campaign also raised awareness that skin to skin touch can benefit the baby beyond the ‘sacred hour’ following birth.

Jenny Lord

Midwife, Blogger & Freelance Writer

We commissioned scientific research and consumer research to define how much information new parents receive about the benefits of SSC in the antenatal setting.


Working with UK midwifery expert Jenny Lord, who helped us stimulate and facilitate this advocacy (HCP, consumer), we discussed the benefits of extended use of SSC to improve confidence amongst new mums across lifestyle and parenting media.

Most importantly, this approach used the existing film as a piece of collateral that showed the ‘science’ behind SSC as well as demonstrate new parent views on using the technique beyond the immediate post birth.


Between Pure Love I & II, we secured 58 pieces of traditional and digital PR coverage, reaching a total audience of 352 million.


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