WaterWipes: Sensory Food

We set out to start a conversation with parents aligning WaterWipes as experts within the weaning space and show how the brand understands their challenges. Our main goal was to raise awareness of the sensitivity of baby’s skin on their face and how it is more sensitive than a baby’s bottom.


Using our insight-led strategy, we developed the idea of ‘Sensory Food Play’ as a new way for parents to help their child during the weaning period. The campaign positioned WaterWipes as the perfect alternative to water for cleaning a baby’s face after a meal or food play.

Dr. Gillian Harris

Psychologist & Researcher

Sarah Schenker

Author, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Consumer research was used to provide context and add a news hook. The two experts – Psychologist, Dr Gillian Harris and child food expert, Sarah Schenker – acted as a voice for WaterWipes through media interviews and commentary.
Five sensory food games were pitched into media and delivered to influencers to encourage social and online video content.

To date, 22 pieces of traditional and digital PR coverage have been secured, with a total audience reach of 8.97m. We have secured 6 influential online consumer articles, 20 social mentions and 4 regional articles of interest stemmed from the campaign.


Total audience reach


Influential PR articles


Regional articles