Comic-Con 2016: TV dominated in Hall H, but Film won the share of conversation online

Comic-Con 2016: TV dominated in Hall H, but Film won the share of conversation online

There were many firsts at Comic-Con this year. From the wealth of first look trailers and exclusive content reveals in Hall H, to the first time I’ve seen a bearded Wonder Woman, a skimpily clad Deadpool and some Ghostbusters all sharing a pizza (I don’t get out much and Cosplay isn’t really my thing), to my first actual visit to the San Diego Convention Center. I am used to experiencing Comic-Con through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but this year – for the first time – I was lucky to attend the fan convention in person and it didn’t disappoint. Seeing Stan Lee in the flesh was probably a personal highlight.

Over the past 24 hours at Way To Blue we’ve crunched the numbers and can reveal our annual round-up of the Comic-Con social buzz winners (infographic posted below).

Much has been written about Comic Con being a smaller show this year. Overall attendance was down to around 130,000 visitors (versus 160,000 last year) but social buzz around the event was significantly up on 2015, to a staggering 4.7M mentions* during the 4-day event.

Despite TV content dominating the panels and events this year, conversations about Film accounted for 52% of the total Comic-Con buzz. Wonder Woman was the outright winner with fellow DC titles Suicide Squad and Justice League in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Gal Gadot was also the most mentioned talent / cast member with more than 3 times the number of mentions of her closest rival Benedict Cumberbatch. Although Warner Bros. / DC titles lead this year in terms of overall mentions for their film properties and talent, Marvel was slightly ahead in terms of the studio share of voice (although combining mentions of Warner Bros. and DC delivers an impressive 42% overall share).

For the second year running in our Comic-Con buzz chart, MTV’s Teen Wolf was the most talked about TV show (congratulations to the team at MTV). AMC’s The Walking Dead and prequel Fear of The Walking Dead both featured inside the top 10. BBC production Sherlock was a Sunday highlight at Comic-Con cementing Benedict Cumberbatch as the 2nd most talked about actor of Comic-Con (thanks to his multiple appearances supporting Sherlock and with Marvel for Doctor Strange).

Comic-Con is renowned for its surprise announcements. This weekend was no exception with Rihanna announced in the role of ‘Marion Crane’ in the final season of Bates Motel(the role made infamous by Janet Leigh and the shower scene in Psycho), the unexpected premiere of the Justice League trailer and Lionsgate revealing that ‘The Woods’ is in fact Blair Witch, with an official trailer and surprise screening. But overall, Marvel was the winner with the confirmation of Brie Larson’s casting as Captain Marvel generating over 22,000 conversations.

So, without further ado, presenting our official round up of Comic-Con social buzz for 2016:


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