Conventions and conversations: How Comic Con takes enthusiasm to another level

Conventions and conversations: How Comic Con takes enthusiasm to another level


This past weekend at London’s EXCEL Centre, some 100,000 fans from across the world attended the MCM Comic Con. Fans of all ages, from 8 to 80 were in attendance, as visitors had the chance to meet celebrities, shop, experience a range of immersive content and most of all, meet like minded people.


Of the attendees you had obsessives and enthusiasts from all background, some of who dressed as their favourite characters, but all of whom were fans who take their support for a product to the next level.


But the passion exhibited in the arena was only part of the experience of Comic Con, visitors also shared their experiences online.


Across the three- day convention 10,744 mentions of MCM London were made on Twitter, News, Blogs and Forums, while the event’s official hashtag #MCMLDN2015 generated 3,411 mentions.


Of the people we spoke to, every one was eager to share their trip on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as this meant that not only could their friends share their trip, but new friends that they had made at the convention could easily find them – as a number of online and cosplay communities also met up at Comic Con.


The attendees at Comic Con are the enthusiasts that take their passion for a product to the next level, with this in mind surely there’s a missed opportunity from studios and content creators to galvanise their core support, especially in a world where fans share their fondest experiences online with their wider friendship groups.


Written by Matt Fricker