#WednesdayWisdom is a new series from Way To Blue where each week we profile a specific platform to help you understand what it is, why you should care, and how you could use it in your own strategy.



Know anyone living or traveling through Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, or Indonesia? If so, then LINE (one of the world’s top messaging apps) is no stranger to you. 67.3% of LINE’s 218M monthly users live in one of these four countries, taking the reigns over Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat combined. It’s more than just a messaging app including games, news, and video streaming.

Why should I care?

As more and more people live out their mobile lives in messaging ecosystems, the appeal for brands and publishers to reach audiences via these apps grows. LINE earns its revenue through sticker sales and in-app purchases. The Walt Disney Company, Nintendo, Comedy Central, Sony Digital Entertainment, Marvel, and DreamWorks Animation are among a growing list of companies that already have a presence on LINE. en_2016_03

What else should I know?

LINE is consistently adding new features and services to their messenger service to stay ahead of the growing number of
competing apps. For instance, LINE recently increased the number of ‘chatbots’ it offers from 10,000 to 20,000 and in addition, has launched a ‘chatbot’ competition to encourage new developers to develop on their platform. The prize? A 10 million Japanese Yen prize.

LINE has also announced that they want to move into augmented reality. For example, enabling users to obtain a coupon when they walk into a particular store.

How are brands engaging on the app?

Brands like Marvel and DreamWorks Animation are engaging with audiences on LINE by selling sticker packs and themes of their iconic characters (Shrek, Avengers). Disney engages through ‘chatbots’ and branded games.

Whether it’s through selling sticker packs and themes, or developing branded ‘chatbots’ or games – there are numerous ways for brands and corporations to enter the LINE ecosystem.