Since Facebook’s introduction of the platforms live video streaming service, Facebook LIVE, last April we have seen an explosion of broadcasters, both professional and amateur alike, sharing content LIVE. Through Facebook LIVE users can share stories that feels more connected and personal experience then re-recorded content that is uploaded to the internet.


Facebook executive, Nicola Mendelsohn, recently said at a conference in London that in the next five years Facebook “will be definitely mobile, it will all probably be mobile” and when describing Facebook user behavior she said “we’re seeing a year-on-year decline on text. If I was having a bet I’d say: “video video video.”

Facebook generates over 8 billion daily video views on an average day and of those daily video views, it’s been found that people are watching live video 3x longer than pre-recorded video. All videos posted to Facebook also see 135% greater organic reach than photos.


Facebook LIVE offers brands an opportunity to bring fans along to events, behind the scenes, live Q&As with celebrities or filmmakers, or exclusive first looks at trailers.

USA’s Mr. Robot created a stunt using Facebook LIVE where they scheduled a live interview with the cast and crew of the popular TV show, only to have it taken over by a fictional group ‘FSociety”. The reward for those who tuned in to the live broadcast was exclusive content – the livestream premiere of season 2. The stunt was picked up by all major news websites including The Verge, WSJ, Mashable, Reddit, etc.