A Simpsons Landslide on Election Day Shareables

A Simpsons Landslide on Election Day Shareables

As you may have noticed yesterday, Twitter and Facebook were awash with people talking about the general election and very little else. But while the political parties fought hard for their place in Westminster, films and TV shows held a battle of their own to increase awareness for their product on social platforms.

Leading the charge in terms of social engagement was The Simpsons, with the UK based fan account (@SimpsonsQOTD) posting five election themed tweets, generating a combined total of over 8,800 retweets and 7,700 favourites.

simpsons-2 simpsons

Marvel UK was one of four studios to post election themed shareables, focusing their efforts on their latest blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Disney owned studio generated the largest engagement for a film title as they pitched the God of Thunder himself as a suitable leader, generating over 430 retweets and 500 favourites. Captain America and Iron Man themed posts shortly followed, but the leader of Asgard was the clear winner in the battle of the Superheroes.

avengers-2 avengers

Elsewhere, Universal UK was very active on the campaign trail for Ted 2, Pitch Perfect 2 and Minions, whilst Warner Brothers have been using today’s events to push Mad Max: Fury Road.

minions mad-max

However, TV titles weren’t going to let the films have all the fun, as House of Cards star Frank Underwood offered good luck to the candidates standing today, generating over 460 retweets and almost 500 favourites in the process. Sky Atlantic and HBO_UK have also had some fun with the election, using it to promote current shows such as Game of Thrones and Veep.


With the majority of election posts focusing on the serious side of yesterday’s events, it’s arguable that any brand will struggle to break through and make a really big splash on social channels.

However, with news-jacking becoming increasingly popular and users looking for something a little different from the usual straight-laced Election Day coverage, who knows what we could see on future election days.