Introducing BLUETRACK™

Introducing BLUETRACK™

We are always striving to find new, more effective solutions to age old business challenges. Over the past 18 months at Way To Blue we’ve been looking in detail at audience and brand tracking. We’ve examined the existing models, found a few important things that we believe can be better and we have developed a different approach to delivering progressive audience insight, more effective marketing strategy and better communications.

BLUETRACK™ is our new approach to audience tracking, delivering one off or continuous data and insight from a combination of sources including surveys, online forums and social listening. The tool offers a more comprehensive and cost effective view of awareness, engagement and the drivers and barriers around intent, across single or multiple global markets.

The tool is fully flexible and can be used throughout the entire marketing lifecycle, from first trailer drop through to theatrical release and beyond, enabling clients to track and diagnose the impact of marketing activity and act upon the results. It can be used once, over a short-term period or on a continuous always-on basis.

How does it work?

BLUETRACK™ brings together unprompted social listening data with traditional panel based research surveys and an online qualitative forum.

Online survey

  • This is conducted weekly (or at set intervals across the marketing campaign) with up to 1000 respondents per market.
  • Bespoke audiences are recruited & tracked weekly (or at regular intervals) – e.g. Young Adults, Superhero Enthusiasts, Franchise Fans – as opposed to tracking the traditional media buying audiences.
  • Up to 5 competitor titles can be included.
  • The survey tracks awareness, definite interest, Intent to view, drivers and barriers.
  • Leisure and lifestyle questions are included to provide broader context around cinema-going and entertainment decision making.
  • Questions around media touch-points, consumption and usage and relative influence on movie going behaviour are also included, helping us to understand the critical differences between sub-groups.

Online Qualitative forum

  • 50 respondents per market, per week are invited to participate following completion of the online survey.
  • Stimulus material can be included, to aid discussion.
  • The forum environment offers a combination of moderated discussion and open ended exploratory questions around definite Interest, intent, drivers and barriers.

Social listening and social analytics

  • Weekly social platform data from ‘owned’ channels and ‘earned’ sources, including active engagement, views, conversation analysis, buzz volume, Intent to view and sentiment versus Way To Blue benchmarks and norms.

Analysis is delivered weekly, or daily if required at critical points in the marketing life-cycle. We operate as close to ‘real-time’ as possible, to ensure the timely delivery of business intelligence. 

5 business benefits: 

  1. BLUETRACK™ is a more cost effective solution to audience tracking
  2. A fully integrated & joined up approach to the analysis. The same Analyst works across all data sources
  3. Greater depth of insight & exploration beyond standard tracker measurements, via additional questions, online qualitative forum discussion and social listening
  4. Tracks bespoke and relevant movie going audiences, rather than traditional media buying audiences
  5. BLUETRACK™ is a fully flexible solution, delivering one-off, continuous or short term weekly data

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