National Apprenticeship Week 2017

National Apprenticeship Week 2017

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Way To Blue, it seems there is no better time to explain my role than during National Apprenticeship week. The support I have received and the experience I have gained throughout my time at Way To Blue will help immeasurably in my future career.

After finishing A Levels and having to make the crucial decision between heading off to University or entering the world of work, I knew that neither option felt right for me. Understanding that education is key, I knew that I needed to gain further qualifications and work experience in an area that interested me. This is when I found the vast number of apprenticeships available and knew that they could offer exactly what I was looking for to start my career.

When discovering Way To Blue I was immediately attracted to the culture and values of the business, as well as the impressive list of clients that they worked alongside on a daily basis. Recognising that I would be learning from industry experts, I knew that this was an opportunity that could not be missed.

Although entering full-time work had been extremely daunting, the energy and attitude of everyone I was working with immediately made me feel settled and confirmed that I had made the right decision. Within my first week I’d already had a one-to-one conversation with the director of each team and had a breakfast meeting with the CEO, which highlighted to me that hierarchy in the business did not determine how valuable your ideas were.

By working with each team in various tasks, I have gained experience in social, entertainment and consumer brands, which has helped me immensely when thinking about the career path I would like to take after my apprenticeship is complete. This is also supported by my Apprenticeship assessor as she comments, ‘with Megan’s desire to learn and grow, if we fast forward 5 years the apprenticeship will pay her dividends in her future career’.

The support I have received at Way To Blue has helped boundlessly in both my work and personal life. Now I can finally say that I am extremely excited about what the future may bring!