Tech Time – Pinterest

Tech Time – Pinterest

We don’t often talk about Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean marketers shouldn’t be thinking about it. Pinterest is a photo sharing service that categorizes ideas; think Tumblr meets moodboards. The platform is used by “Pinners” to find visual inspiration on a variety of topics, such as design, design, recipes, etc.


Pinterest is predominantly female (only 15% of the 150 million monthly active users are male), and is the 8th largest social platform behind LinkedIn, yet ahead of Tumblr. Although the platform doesn’t have the wide appeal of Twitter or Facebook, if the goal of your marketing campaign is to target millennial women then you’ll definitely want to consider Pinterest as a way to reach this audience.

Using Pinterest builds loyalty and advocacy towards products – 83% of Pinners prefer to ollow brands rather than celebrities, and an impressive 87% say they’ve purchased a product because of Pinterest. And the more shared content is the more often it appears at the top of search results, meaning that higher quality content is rewarded with the longest shelf life.


Pinterest can also help build fandom for film and TV releases. For example, if a high quality visual of Emma Stone wearing the yellow dress from La La Land rises to the top of searches for “yellow dress”, this is a win for that campaign. Dominating search results should be the long term goal of every piece of creative shared to Pinterest, a platform where quality trumps quantity.