Let’s Stick Together – SYC

Let’s Stick Together – SYC

SYC are an Adelaide based not-for-profit organisation supporting Australians to lead independent lives. They help more than 55,000 people every year with housing, education and employment. We were lucky enough to partner with them to digitise their Sticking Together Project; a 60-week personalised coaching program that supports young people to find and stay in work.

The Project Factory (global digital development arm for Way To Blue) assisted SYC in agile ‘swim lane’ exploration sessions to take the paper-based and spreadsheet-driven service delivery method and convert this into a set of integrated digital tools. Through a joint design process, our role in this program was to create a digital ecosystem that works for mobile coaches, young people and program managers.

The final system consisted of a flexible web-based coach portal to track, manage and administer relationships between coaches and young people located in multiple states; gamified personal development digital tools used in meetings between coaches and young people; a companion App to support each young person over their 60-week program; and centralised reporting, allowing for the managers, administrators and project funders (government and philanthropic) to review and report performance at all levels for coaches and young people, wherever and whenever they need.

Kellie Checkley, Head of Sticking Together Project at SYC said:

“Working with The Project Factory presented many ideas for how to use digital tools to improve how young people interact with our program, how coaches track and improve their coaching, and how we demonstrate the positive impacts to our funders. We are very pleased the final system has user benefits to further improve the quality of outcomes for young people seeking sustainable employment.”

The final system we created for the Sticking Together project included the following features:

Admin Central Portal

  • Enabling each coach to have a digitised, central location for simple recording of the young person’s progress.
  • Developing new dashboards and reporting for managers to review progress for each young person and the effectiveness of coaches.
  • Allowing external funders to review outcome rates and evidence of outcomes, consistent with SYC’s contracts to deliver the service.

Mobile Companion App

  • Allowing the young person to review their progress, follow goals and actions, appointments and provide evidence of their working hours.
  • Digitalised Game-Based Tools
  • SYC had created paper-based tools for coaching young people in the Sticking Together Project. We converted this toolset to a digitalised version to enhance interactivity as well as to automatically synchronise data to the central portal.

SYC has delivered Sticking Together Project in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales with the support of federal and state governments and philanthropic funders. The advancement to a digitalised system creates more opportunity for expansion of the project. The Project Factory are proud to be part of such an important project which works to support young Australians. To learn more visit Sticking Together Project.