My start at Way To Blue

My start at Way To Blue

I began my HR apprenticeship in November 2018. I can already guarantee that I’ve made the right decision to start an apprenticeship, but it being at Way To Blue has made it a remarkable journey. Not only is it a positive work environment but it’s pointing me to the right direction for a successful career.

I finished my A-levels in 2014 and decided to take a gap year as I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to head into. Shortly after, I got my first job at Claire’s accessories as a Supervisor. 8 months later I left and joined The Perfume Shop (TPS), where I soon progressed into the role of Deputy Manager. Whilst working at TPS I dropped out of University twice, which made me realise that I much prefer working to studying. I’d often work 6 days a week and sometimes 13 consecutive days in a row, because I loved it, unfortunately it just didn’t satisfy me, as I knew I didn’t want a long-term career in retail.

Whilst working as Deputy Manager I developed an interest in HR, which led me to explore how I could change my career path without having any high-level qualifications. I read about apprenticeships and given my love of working and the need for relevant qualifications, it made perfect sense to become an apprentice in order to kick start my HR journey. Two months later it led me to Way To Blue.

On my first day at WTB, I could immediately see how the importance of staff’s health and well-being was demonstrated. It was mentioned that the team often take lunch together which is just one of the many ways WTB has shown cultures and values. Everyone at the office was friendly and approachable. Not only does the business support me during my time at work but also supports me with my second job at a beauty agency where I work weekends. The business and my line manager have helped me create a healthy work balance between the two as well as keeping up with a social life.

Within my apprenticeship at WTB, I’ve grown immensely. I’m constantly given opportunities to progress, not only by my line manager but by senior management within the office. Not only am I progressing in HR, but I’m gaining new skill sets when I am set challenges that include supporting our various departments.

Starting from the beginning can be a nerve-wrecking experience but due to the company, people and overall values of the business I felt at ease and gave me an immediate sense of belonging – which easily transformed my nerves into excitement. I’ve received constant support from day one, and it’s led me to grow immensely, I’ve only been here for 4 months and I can guarantee a successful journey ahead of me.