Never mind the budgets

Never mind the budgets

Just read a great article on Deadline about the continuing success of Baby Driver both Internationally and here in the US, but it got me thinking. Interesting how the industry pigeon holes this movie as “lower budget fare”. I’ve spoken to many of my friends who have nothing to do with the film industry, who’ve seen and loved Baby Driver and they wouldn’t describe it this way.

It’s a loaded statement and sets expectations that films like Baby Driver and many others in this ‘budget’ category far exceed. The ongoing success of this film is down to a compelling original script, strong performances from the entire ensemble cast, some of the most realistic car chases since The French Connection* and the best soundtrack since Pulp Fiction*. Great that Sony / TriStar delivered all of this without breaking the bank, but it certainly doesn’t translate to the audience as a low budget film.

I’m fortunate to have recently seen lots of movies that will tick many of these boxes when they release in the coming months, notably around freshness and high quality talent. The global successes of films like Baby Driver, Hidden Figures, Get Out, Logan, Dunkirk (there are so many more….) indicate a strong and growing appetite for original story-telling on the big screen.

I admire the film studios and distributers who are taking a risk and encouraging original stories to be made and released in cinemas to share the stage with the sure-fire sequels and the blockbusters.

(*re. The French Connection and Pulp Fiction, happy to discuss!)


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