Talk about a memorable night

Talk about a memorable night

From tweeting accountants to Bonnie and Clyde causing mayhem, there has been a lot of fallout from this years controversial Academy Awards ceremony.

But there was a great deal more happening at this year’s Oscars. Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim actor to win an Academy award and ‘Moonlight’ is the first LGBT film to win the Best Picture category. These are hugely important moments in the history of Hollywood. Poignant, timely, or just co-incidental, but I’m hopeful that #Oscars2017 will be remembered more for these watershed moments, than an envelope fiasco – which – in the moment, on live TV – was handled with such good grace, it made me feel very proud to work in this industry.

As the dust is settling on Sunday night, we have taken a now customary look at the big themes of conversation online and how social media reacted to the Oscars.

Overall volume of conversation using the official hashtag was down year on year. Amongst the biggest talking points on the night (Best Picture mix up aside) were Iranian film director Asghar Farhadi’s acceptance speech. Taking a stand on the travel ban, Farhadi declined to attend the Oscars and his powerful acceptance speech was delivered instead by the first Iranian woman in space, Anousheh Ansari).

Jimmy Kimmel received an overwhelmingly positive thumbs up on social media, La La Land was the most discussed film and Prada was the most talked about designer on the night. Presenting the top social winners from #Oscars 2017:


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