To a casual passerby Spectacles may appear to be just a regular old pair of sunglasses. But oh are they so much more! Released in November, Spectacles are Snap’s latest product – a pair of camera-equipped sunglasses designed to work with Snapchat.

Spectacles record videos up to 10 seconds long, and when paired with a smartphone will transfer those recordings automatically to a user’s Snapchat Memories. You can then review and choose your best videos to send to friends or add to your story.

Currently Spectacles are exclusively distributed through pop-up vending machines, or ‘Snapbots’, appearing at random locations around the world with little warning. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these elusive machine, a set of these social shades will set you back a cool $129.

After months of searching (and a little luck), a pair of Spectacles has landed in Way To Blue’s possession. To test the glasses we took them to the Women’s March in Los Angeles.


Not only are Spectacles easy to use on the go, but wirelessly transferring content to a smartphone is a breeze (a daunting task with many professional cameras). Once connected via Bluetooth or WiFi this transfer process takes less than 10 seconds. Then the fun begins!

Advertisers can simply hand a pair of Spectacles to a member of the talent or crew member, and immediately start recording content that will sync to a Snapchat account. This can later be reviewed and uploaded by a Community Manager.

Here are some key Specs specs:

  • Capturing 115° video in standard definition is default, but you can import HD video if connected to WiFi.
  • The battery lasts for ~100 Snaps, about 16 minutes of video.
  • The case is also a portable charger, holding 4 full charges. This feature means you won’t have to worry about running out of battery during a full day of production.

Spectacles make it easy to capture spontaneous, 1st-person video, allowing viewers feel like they’re participating in an experience and not just watching it.