The Future Of Communications (the future, the future, the future…)

The Future Of Communications (the future, the future, the future…)

Repost of our CEO Adam’s blog post earlier this week  setting out his thoughts about the future of communications.

It’s no surprise that the secret to an effective marketing campaign is maximising reach and influence within the owned, earned and bought space. Even better, if you can fully integrate your messaging using standout and compelling content that drives engagement and awareness.

What is a surprise is that the industry still lacks fundamentals that make these disparate elements tick. Integration is immensely important and frustratingly, internal structure and individual stakeholders often undo this. Most businesses we come across still have a silo’d marketing approach and this impacts the power of communications. Generally speaking, the trend is that the owned window is managed in house, the earned window is managed both in house and through comms agencies and the bought window is managed by media agencies, or generalists as I like to call them.

The specialists are more likely to understand their client’s business. More importantly, they are more likely to impact on insight led strategy, audience, content and influential reach. I believe that in the future (the future, the future, the future…) comms businesses will manage the owned, earned and bought space. All of this will be led by data and insight and there will be a much greater focus on audience, their behaviours and the impact of content. Awareness and engagement will work hand in hand and won’t be split as they are in today’s market.

Of course, there are some huge generalisations here and some businesses have already begun to address concerns around integrated messaging and bringing the earned and bought windows closer together. However, there is more work to be done and we look forward to a world where the specialists don’t suffer at the mercy of the powerful generalists. A world where we no longer talk about traditional OR digital. A world where we no longer talk about audience in TV buying clusters. And a world where budgets can be apportioned accurately across the full integrated marketing mix to better leverage the most important thing any of us have – an audience.