Top Spots of The Big Game #SB51

Top Spots of The Big Game #SB51

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Advertising, as always, made a big impression post-Super Bowl, perhaps even bigger than one of the greatest comebacks ever in-game. Our analysis takes a look at the brands that made the biggest impression, either through online discussion, fans wanting to see the commercial again or through acquisition of new fans on social media.

This year’s big winner was Budweiser, not only because of the amount of buzz generated but also through fans wanting to watch the commercial again on YouTube – more so than any other of the brand commercials. Budweiser took on a slightly political tone, addressing topical issues, as did some of the other most talked about brands such as 84 Lumber and Airbnb. But it wasn’t all serious, with celebrity appearance for T-Mobile and humour for Avocados from Mexico also generating a lot of buzz.

Our analysis below outlines the most talked about brands (via measurement of discussion on Twitter, news, forums and blogs), the most viewed commercials (post-Super Bowl on YouTube) and the most Facebook fans acquired post-Super Bowl among the advertising brands.


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This year we saw 14 trailers shown during this years Super Bowl, but none drew more buzz than Netflix’s Stranger Things season 2 trailer earning over 344K mentions globally! More than all other film and television shows combined! Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean’s domestic Facebook page saw the largest increase in Facebook Likes after premiere of the second trailer for Dead Men Tell no Tale’s. On YouTube Sony’s Ghost In The Shell Super Bowl spot saw the most trailer views.