Who’s winning the PS4 vs XBox One Battle?

Who’s winning the PS4 vs XBox One Battle?

Ahead of tomorrow’s kick off at Gamescom, we did some research into propensity to purchase around PS4, XBox One and Grand Theft Auto V.  We gave the results exclusively to MCV who ran this nice article earlier today.

Anyone interested in the full release and graphs, it’s posted below 🙂

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Research shows that Grand Theft Auto V has taken the lime-light away from next-gen consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Will Sony and Microsoft rectify this at Gamescom?

London 20th August 2013: Gamescom this week sees the two behemoths, Sony and Microsoft, fight it out in lederhosen in order to win over the hearts and wallets of the consumer. But Way To Blue’s buzz report across editorial and social conversation would indicate that not all consumers are geared towards next-gen consoles, but instead Grand Theft Auto V.

To put into perspective GTA V’s traction, it achieved eighteen times the mentions of hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed IV to date since 1st June 2013.

Although the Wii U has been gaining slow but steady momentum with a flurry of new announcements since E3, our research discovered that GTA V also gained more mentions on Twitter than the Wii U, with a 4% bigger reach than giants Nintendo. The numbers are mind-blowing considering we’re comparing software vs hardware.

Marc Berry Reid, Associate Director, Entertainment, Way To Blue, said: “I’m sure the first parties will have plenty more punches to throw over the coming week, but the industry can’t fail to ignore that GTA V has gained more momentum and attention than maybe we had anticipated during what’s already one of the most action-packed years the industry has seen. We can’t wait to see what Q3 and Q4 2013 has to deliver.”